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Looking to capture beautiful, professional-grade photographs? Look no further! With my extensive experience in professional photography, I can help you create stunning, high-quality images that will last a lifetime. fill the following form to book your session.

Type of SessionProfessional Photography DescriptionPrice
3 to 5 people
A 1-hour outdoor photo shoot for families of up to 5 members. Includes a mix of candid and posed shots, with the focus on capturing the bond between family members.$400 CAD
A 1-hour indoor or outdoor photo shoot for couples. Ideal for engagement, anniversary, or just capturing the love between partners. Includes a mix of candid and posed shots.
$350 CAD
SINGLEA 30-minute indoor or outdoor photo shoot for individuals. Ideal for personal branding, social media, or dating profiles. Includes a mix of head shots and full-body shots.$200 CAD
NEW BORNA 2-hour indoor photo shoot for newborns up to 2 weeks old. Includes a mix of posed and lifestyle shots, with a focus on capturing the baby’s tiny details and the joy of parenthood.$300 CAD
PETA 45-minute outdoor photo shoot for pets and their owners. Ideal for capturing the bond between pets and their human companions. Includes a mix of candid and posed shots of the pet and the owner.$150 CAD

*Booking & Deposit 

To ensure a booking we require a $150 deposit (for photographer) along with a general idea of your session requirements: Your time frame; Whether the Photo session is required and how many wardrobe choices you would potentially want to shoot in. Based on session requirements we will be able to provide you with some potential session dates. Prices may vary based on location, additional requests, and other factors.