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Looking to capture beautiful, professional-grade photographs? Look no further! With my extensive experience in professional photography, I can help you create stunning, high-quality images that will last a lifetime. fill the following form to book your session.

Type of SessionProfessional Photography DescriptionPrice
WEEDING Celebrate your love with a romantic and personalized 1-hour outdoor photo shoot. Whether it’s your engagement, anniversary, or simply a desire to capture the beautiful bond between you and your partner, our professional photography service is tailored to create timeless memories.$700 CAD
3 to 5 people
3 Hours outdoor photo shoot for families of up to 5 members. Includes a mix of candid and posed shots, with the focus on capturing the bond between family members.$800 CAD
COUPLEA 1-hour indoor or outdoor photo shoot for couples. Ideal for engagement, anniversary, or just capturing the love between partners. Includes a mix of candid and posed shots.$350 CAD
SINGLEA 30-minute indoor or outdoor photo shoot for individuals. Ideal for personal branding, social media, or dating profiles. Includes a mix of head shots and full-body shots.$200 CAD
NEW BORNA1-hour indoor photo shoot for newborns up to 2 weeks old. Includes a mix of posed and lifestyle shots, with a focus on capturing the baby’s tiny details and the joy of parenthood.$300 CAD
PETA 30-minute outdoor photo shoot for pets and their owners. Ideal for capturing the bond between pets and their human companions. Includes a mix of candid and posed shots of the pet and the owner.$150 CAD
PRODUCT Professional photos that showcase your product’s features and benefits.
This session provides high-quality images perfect for websites, marketing materials, and online sales platforms.
*4-5 Photos per Products/6 Products
Front View: A straight-on shot that clearly shows the product’s entire front.
Side View: One side shots to reveal the product’s depth and profile.
Angle View: A dynamic shot from a slightly off-center perspective to add visual interest.
Back View: A clear image of the product’s backside, highlighting any important details.
Use Case Photo (Optional): A lifestyle image showcasing the product in action, adding context and enhancing its appeal.

*Booking & Deposit 

To secure your booking, we kindly request a $150 deposit for the photographer’s services. We understand that each session is unique, so we’d love to get an idea of your session requirements. Here’s what we’d like to know:

  1. Time Frame: Please let us know your preferred duration for the photo session. This will help us plan and allocate the right amount of time to capture all the amazing moments.
  2. Session Requirements: Are there any specific themes, concepts, or locations you have in mind? Let us know what you envision for your photo session. Additionally, we’d love to know the number of wardrobe choices you’d like to explore during the shoot. This way, we can ensure we capture a variety of looks that reflect your style and personality.

Based on your session requirements, we’ll be able to provide you with some potential session dates. Keep in mind that prices may vary based on factors such as location, additional requests, and any unique considerations you may have.

Our goal is to make your photo session as personalized and enjoyable as possible. We’re here to guide you through the process, from planning to capturing those special moments that you’ll cherish forever.

Feel free to reach out with your session requirements, and let’s create memories together!

Note: Your deposit secures your booking and goes towards the overall cost of your session.